Who We Are

This Chi Alpha chapter began in 2004 when Jeremy and Debora Anderson entered their marriage and ministry within the same month. God spoke a simple vision to focus on seeing the kingdom of heaven manifest on the campus and delivered to the nations. With a primary focus on evangelism and mentorship, Jeremy and Debora began ministry together at California State University, Stanislaus with a handful of students that agreed to bring a show and tell gospel that put an equal emphasis on Spirit-empowered demonstration and Christ-inspired articulation of the Father’s eternal truths. Since those early days, adventures of experience in the faith have served to bring an authentic witness to thousands of students. Hundreds of these students have been saved, healed, and delivered from bondage and are now walking out their faith on the campus and in the marketplace.

The apostolic grace on this student movement has furthered the advancement of Christ’s kingdom on a total of six university and college campuses; now including California State University Stanislaus, University of California Merced, California State University Fresno, Modesto Junior College, Merced College, and Fresno City College. The activity of heaven on our campuses only points to the Author and Finisher of our faith, and to a student family that is yielded to His summoning. There are no heroes, just one body under one Head. The dream of reaching and discipling over 100,000 students on this unique blend of university and college campuses is experienced daily through a dynamic ministry of supernatural signs that captivate, and strategic follow-up that integrates students into a permanent change in their eternal lifestyle. While we rejoice in the hundreds of lives that have been transformed by His love and power, we have our eyes on the multitudes of pre-Christians ready to receive His grace on our campuses. No eye has seen and no ear has heard what God has yet to do on our campuses and across the globe; this is the hope that sets our daily expectation of displaying His realities.

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