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Renovating today. Expanding for the future.


Early Net History 


Started with a dream 

Enoch and Marie Christoffersen carried a conviction to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached to all nations. Shortly after Stanislaus State was built, Marie shared her dream with her husband about opening a ministry center directly across the street from Stanislaus State. She knew it would be an incredible opportunity to reach an entire mission field right in their own town.


The dream becomes reality 

August 24, 1975 her dream became a reality as a bid was accepted to build “The Net” (also known as the Chi Alpha House). It was completed and opened its doors April 6, 1976. Over the next four decades hundreds of students have given their life to Jesus, been filled with the Holy Spirit, and have been transformed through discipleship because of this ministry center. 

Renovation and Expansion

45 yrs

Continuing a legacy

45 years later, it is our honor to continue to steward the Christoffersen’s legacy as we continue to make disciples at Stanislaus State, Modesto Junior College, UC Merced, and Merced College.

50 yrs

Funding the future

We are currently raising funds to make all necessary updates in renovations, so we can continue stewarding this building for the next 50 years. We want to expand the “Net” in order to sustain the growth that we are experiencing and will continue to experience in the future.

Grass Field Project


When you look at this grass field what do you see? With new COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, we have been asking ourselves the same question.


We see an opportunity to build a gated open grass space, with lights, and furniture. We see a space where college students can worship the Lord safe and freely during our Friday Night services. We see an oasis where students can hangout, fellowship, study, have small group, worship and pray.

With your help, this dream can become a reality.