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Project Breakdown

$19,000 Installation of grass and irrigation system
$13,000- Installation of LED lighting for Field
$14,000- Installation of a metal gate to enclose grass area 

Our goal is to complete this project by June so we can begin utilizing this new area for our Summer Session. Because we plan to complete this project debt free, we will continue to build as skills and funds become available.

Here is how you can help

Donate Funds:
1. You can choose to sponsor a specific portion of the project
2. You can choose to make a general donation of any amount

Donate Labor:
Half of our budget is labor cost for a professional. If you can or know someone that would be willing to donate their labor, we could cut our budget down significantly. We would come alongside and help any person who donated their skill and time.

Skills needed: Electrical, Landscaping , and Masonry skills

Please email if you would like to donate labor

Donate Funds
Donate Labor